A View of the Bryn mawr Rotary club


     The Club was founded in 1969. As with other Rotary Clubs, its purposes are to provide services to others and satisfy other rotarian principles.
     Those principles, in summary, call for bringing wholesome ethical concerns and practices into business life.   Some current members,who were part of the original roster, have remained active since the Club's inception.  
     As with all other Arms of Rotary, it is secular, non-political, and not-for-profit.  It conducts its activities and meetings democratically, through duly elected officers, board meetings, and appointed committees.  The members convene weekly through scheduled lunch meetings, presided over by the Club's President.  The gatherings begin with a member's informal invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Typically, the meeting is rounded off with an after lunch talk by an invited speaker, on a subject of current significance.  
     Among its' varied charitable works over the years, in addition to the Harry H. Cabell Awards, the Bryn Mawr Rotary Club has provided financial and other assistance for many activities, such as:
  •  Rotary Foundation ("Ambassador" Scholarships, Group study          exchange, grants to university teachers, Braille typewriter                projects)      
  •  Gundaker Foundation (to promote international peace and                     understanding) and its' graduate grants
  •  "Plumbing Facilities Fund" for Brazil
  •  Bryn Mawr Fire Company
  •  Ludington Library 
  •  Emergency relief efforts to flood victims
  • "PolioPlus" campaign in Third World countries seeking to                       create a polio free world 
  •   Student exchange program
  •   Vocational service committee;
  •   World Community Service Campaign 
  •  "Feed the Hungry" Campaign  
  •   Support of other local Rotary Club's community activities.
     Another aspect of the Bryn Mawr Rotary Club is fellowship, which consists of enjoying the company and experiences of other club Rotarians.  In other words, from time to time, Bryn Mawr Rotarians will do things among themselves, their spouses and children, for the sake of vibrant and wholesome relationships among members and their families.  Some examples are:
  • The participation of members and their spouses in a golf outing to raise charitable funds.  
  • The Club members' attendance, with children or grandchildren, at baseball games of the Philadelphia and Reading Phillies
  • The members' collective efforts to contribute and distribute food or other resources where needed locally. 
     In all, Rotary International serves many of the needs of the global human community, within Rotary's means and pursuant to its' charter.  Rotary is international and inter-generational.
It seeks to be in tune with its' immediate neighborhood and the issues of the world around it.  The Harry H. Cabell Scholarship Awards, administered by the Rotary Club of Bryn Mawr, occupy one part among many, of Rotary's on-going mosaic of contributory services.
     Learn more details listed below about  our past, current, and future projects and initiatives .  


Bryn Mawr rotary projects ​

Annual Golf Outing and Fundraiser
     The Bryn Mawr Rotary Club was chartered in 1969 and has served the Main Line for over 47 years. The object of Rotary is to develop acquaintances as an opportunity to serve, to provide high ethical standards in business and the professions, to apply the ideal of service to our personal, business and community life, and to advance international understanding and peace through "Service above Self". All profits go to fund the good works of the club such as our food drives for the poor, our scholarship for qualified students, our annual high school soccer award, our international service projects and other local programs during the year.

Bryn Mawr Beautiful - Adopt a Highway

Cabell Scholarship Program - 
The Awards
      The Harry H. Cabell Scholarship Award Trust was established in 1985 for educational purposes. It is administered by the Bryn Mawr Rotary Club and their 501-c-4 designation. Financial awards are made annually to deserving students attending colleges located within the geographic district of the Rotary Club of Bryn Mawr.
   The awards are made to students with financial need who have demonstrated high academic standards and leadership qualities and show promise of distinguished achievement qualities.
    The various colleges are asked to nominate several candidates. Each candidate then submits an application that includes an autobiographical essay. A panel of Bryn Mawr Club Rotarians then reviews the applications and selects the Award winners.

An Outline of The Trust
     The Grantors of the Trust are the Cabell family and the Rotary Club of Bryn Mawr. The Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Bryn Mawr are the Trustees, and the selected Award winners are the beneficiaries of the Trust. The Trustees are authorized to: invest in the fund, make distributions from either principle or income for the purpose stated, to accept financial and property contributions, and otherwise properly manage the fund. Gifts to the Trust may be taken as a business expense but can not be deducted as a contribution for Federal Income Tax purposes.
The Origin of The Award
     The members of the Cabell family had been Belgian residents for almost twenty years, in 1983, when Rotarian Harry H. Cabell, his wife Gertrude, and their daughter Mariandl's selected Bryn Mawr College for Mariandl's undergraduate studies. When the Cabells arrived in Bryn Mawr that year they recieved welcome and warm assistance from several members of the Rotary Club of Bryn Mawr.
     Soon after the Cabell's arrival, Harry was troubled by a throat problem which was diagnosed by a physician as cancer of a vocal cord. Harry and Gertrude Cabell hastened back to Belgium, with hope that members of the Bryn Mawr Rotary Club would continue to assist and act in loco parentis for Mariandl during her parents absence. The Bryn Mawr Rotarians thoroughly fulfilled that duel mission with care and concern, and kept in touch with the Cabells during and after that troubled time. As it turned out, Harry, thankfully overcame the cancer.
     In gratitude for all the above circumstances, the Cabell family, with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Bryn Mawr, created and funded the trust states the purpose of the Harry H. Cabell Scholarship Awards. The Trust also established the selection criteria for presenting the annual awards to worthy student recipients.
​A Profile Of Harry H. Cabell and His Family
​Harry H. Cabell
     Harry H. Cabell was Born in 1923 in Suriname, then called Dutch Guyana-founded many years ago by commercial traders. He and his wife, Gertrude, are Dutch citizens residing in Belgium until his death in June 2012. His father died when he was five years old, leaving his mother, paternal grandmother and several other family members, to make wholesome lifetime imprints on young Harry.
     Harry's professional life had unpredictable, upward turns. After graduating from high school in Suriname, he began as a government clerk, with plans to be a mechanic. But, while a member of Suriname's Home Guard, he soon changed direction; he was hired by Standard Oil, exceeded his sales target and was encouraged to continue as a long term employee. However, he wanted to run his own business. Thus, four years later he resigned, and, starting with very little, he created "H.H. Cabell Agencies". Other corporate creations followed, to handle diverse product lines. He eventually represented major multi-national companies such as Philip Morris; Kraft Foods; Eli Lilly; I.CI.; William H. Roher; Fokker Aircraft; Rolls Royce Oil Engines; Johnson & Johnson; and others. In addition, he opened several factories in Suriname and become a manufacturer's representative in nearby Guyana (formerly British Guyana).
Harry and Gertrude were married in 1958. Their daughter, Mariandl, was born several years later and grew up in Suriname and Belgium. Mariandl resides and works in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The Cabells have supported each others' varied activities other the years, including the Harry H. Cabell Scholarship Awards.
     Over the years Harry H. Cabell has received the following Honorary, pro bono, appointments: Consul (Suriname) for Mexico; Consul (in Brussles) for the republic of Slovenia; Member of the World Society of Skippers of the Flying Dutchman (KLM).
     The Cabell family left Suriname, and settled in Belgium, in 1976, where he become a Rotarian in 1980. HIs many other interests, in addition to the Cabell Awards, he included history, philately. opera and community service.    

     We supply dictionaries to third grade students in our urban and suburban public and parochial school districts. This is a national program for many Rotary Clubs. Our estimated giving is between $500.00 to $1,500.00 per annum.

​Feed the Hungry

Night out at The Phillies

Rotary National Immunization Days​

     END POLIO NOW CAMPAIGN: Polio has been reduced by 99%. We are closer than ever to ending this crippling disease forever. Join Rotary on World Polio Day for a live global update on polio eradication.        http://www.endpolio.org/about-polio


​Bryn Mawr Fire Company

Cradle of Liberty Boy Scouts

     Vision: The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Mission: To continue the legacy of Scouting by instilling the words to live by of our Scout Oath and Law in today's diverse society and to be recognized as the leading youth service organization in Pennsylvania while positively impacting our community, its families and children.

​College aid grant project

     We provide grants to students in their Junior Year in local colleges in order to aid them through their senior year and graduation. The candidates are recommended by the various colleges in our area and the selection is made by our Rotary Committee. Our estimated giving is between $2,000.00 to $6,000.00 per annum.

Dolphins of Delaware Valley

     "A Dolphin is a volunteer who becomes a friend to one resident in a facility or retirement community. The special distinction of this program is its one-to-one philosophy. Each Dolphin volunteer visits only one resident, becoming a special friend to that person."  Our estimated giving is between $150.00 and $600.00 per annum. http://www.dolphinsofdelawarevalley.org/

​Eldernet of Lower Merion and Narberth

     Helps older and disabled adults to remain living independently and safely in their homes by providing free, practical, volunteer, and social work services. Most volunteer services are targeted toward frail older and younger disabled persons with low to moderate incomes in Lower Merion and Narberth. Our estimated giving is between $150.00 to $250.00 per annum             http://www.eldernetonline.org/​

Juvenile Diabetes 

Ludington Library

     We supply aid to Ludington and Gladwyne libraries in our suburban district. These two libraries are in our immediate area.  Our estimated giving is between $500.00 to $1,500.00 per annum.


Main Line Meals on Wheels 

     "As unbelievable as it sounds, every day as many as 5 million senior citizens in the United States go hungry. For some, but not all, the reasons are financial. For many others, frail health, loneliness, distant family members and hopelessness are at the root of the problem." At Bryn Mawr Rotary Club we support our Main Line Chapter located in Devon Pa.

Rotaplast International 

     "International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, humanitarian organization founded in 1992 as a world community service project of the Rotary Club of San Francisco by Dr. Angelo Capozzi and Peter Lagarias. Rotaplast is committed to changing lives through reconstructive surgery and has performed 15,000 surgeries in countries around the world."
     At Bryn Mawr Rotary Club, we encourage members to host and support a mission. Our estimated giving is between $500.00 to $750.00 per annum. 

Shelter Box, USA

Twilight Concerts at Ludington

Bryn Mawr rotary Club news, events, and sponsorships 



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